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City regulations require that property owners mow their properties during summer months to maintain vegetation below 10 inches in height. These regulations in Eugene Code Sections 6.815 to 6.845 are intended to minimize nuisance conditions, reduce hazards and minimize fire danger. Since the South Ridgeline Habitat Study is primarily a study of plants, the consultants will not be able to accurately assess the habitat or condition of areas that have already been mowed. Therefore, in coordination with the Parks and Open Space Division and the Vegetation Management Program, Planning Division staff is encouraging property owners within the study area of the South Ridgeline Habitat Study not to mow their undeveloped areas until after the consultants for the project have completed field inventory work in their area.

Field inventory work for most areas is expected to be completed by the end of June, and a few areas may not be completed until early July. Required mowing that occurs after early July is not of concern for this project. Property owners that gave written permission for on-site study will be notified by mail when the study on their property has been completed. If you plan to conduct mowing on your property, and you want to know whether the field inventory of your area has been completed, please check this web site for information or call one of the staff listed at the bottom of this page. Updated information is expected to be available on the web site by late June. Staff will respond to phone inquiries as quickly as possible, but in some cases it may take a day or two to determine whether a specific property is in an area where the field inventory has been completed.