Buying a tip-top motorcycle headgear is your first wise decision. The next one should be to carry out its maintenance; in other words, you need to clean it frequently and properly. The most pivotal feature of a motorcycle helmet should be its visor, which guarantees your vision during a long journey and protection against unwelcoming flying objects. Even just a few scratches on the face shield can affect your visibility, and therefore, road safety. Keeping its screen clean on a regular basis will make your helmet stay with you longer. And the good news is that it takes around 10 – 15 minutes for you to complete this process.

To begin with, prepare some tepid water. Secondly, get paper towels, and last but not least, use mild soap (or a Motul Helmet & Visor cleaner is a nice suggestion) for a better outcome. You can notice that only tender substances are encouraged to apply, since the visor might be damaged when brushing or rubbing. In addition, you will need a microfiber piece of cloth and plastic polish to finish the procedure.

Clean motorcycle hemet visor

Tips cleaning motorcycle helmets visors

Like cleansing your face, firstly apply water on the surface of your motorcycle helmet by using a wet paper towel (after dipping it in lukewarm water). Then place it over the surface within 5 – 10 seconds. Doing this prepares the visor for easier rubbing and removal of dirt particles with Motul (or your chosen soap)! Next, use another paper towel, wipe the surface gently to dry out the visor from moisture.

Then, evenly apply some soap or cleaner on the shield (you can spray some water on it, too) and wipe it thoroughly to and fro. Finally, enhance your motorcycle helmet’s look with high-end polish and finish the whole procedure with a microfiber cloth. Why microfiber? Since this material is least likely to leave scratches on the surface and you’re good to go with the last touches.

If the visor is inoperative, it can partly or greatly disturb your riding experience and road safety. Hence, helmet maintenance is crucial to keep it for years. Although the visor plays such a vital role, you should pay attention to the helmet’s maintenance inside out, not to the visor only. The same process is recommended to apply even on the whole headgear. As long as you treat “your friend” well, she will not let you down.


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