Anti-aging has now become one of the biggest battles in life, especially when our ladies start to reach 30s. Collagen, anti-wrinkle creams, Botox injections, etc. are some of the miracles that every girl seeks for to retain their priceless youth. Yet these are simply short-term solutions and not going to lead you nowhere else but in mounting debts. To slow down your aging process needs time and attention since cultivation from inside always lasts longer than anything. That’s why you should start with everyday dishes rather than resort to those artificial products. Below are some tips on how you should organize your meal plans to prolong longevity of your beauty and health. You can check Fat Diminisher System Review:

Sample Meal Plan

+ A health, standard plate for you when you reach 30s should be consisted of 50% of fresh fruits or vegetables (by “fresh”, I really mean “no processed food or preservatives” here), 25% of whole grains (including brown rice, buckwheat or oats), and 25% of lean protein, fish or legume (such as bean or lentil).

+ If you love some guilty pleasures at the end of the day, opt for something sugar-free or low-fat. 01 non-fat yogurt per day is great, besides dark chocolate, red wine, cheese or smoothies. All need to be low-sugar, since sugar is the biggest enemy to your youth and vigor.

+ Cut out coffee and take more tea instead, and it’s best to have it in the afternoon. This drink is full of antioxidants and cancer-fighting compounds; moreover, it well serves as a midday break any coach can advise you to get away from stress.

+ Use more nature-derived oils (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil) preparing your daily meals, for they help lower cholesterol and blood pressure and reduce risks of heart diseases.

+ Above all, never skip meals and get starved. If you think it’s good to reduce some portions per day to make you tones and shaped, think again. Your hunger does nothing yet boost up your craving for sweets or snacks and you will find yourself in an even worse prospect.

A well-organized meal plan is probably not sufficient to your anti-aging fight. Proper exercises are what you need to stay in shape and better digest your food. Check out the latest guide Old School New Body by Steve and Becky Holman on how to stay young in your 30s, 40s and even 60s, and you’ll see the difference within only 90 days.

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